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""This is the home of stories about characters as they navigate this thing called Life. They tackle everyday issues and lead the audience to face the truth of their own narratives. Perfectly flawed, these characters come from the soul of Truth in the America of fallible and oftentimes badass superheroes. Identities are kept hidden to protect the guilty.''
Fr. Esteban
"...Transformation is overcoming the spiritual sickness of our cast of characters, and their voices, occurring to us as some kinda damn character defects..."
"...I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees..."
“...Some days seems like it just doesn’t fucking pay to get out of bed...”
"...The redemptive power of the cross is the love of and trust in a God that empowers us to embrace and even celebrate the gift of our faults and the songs of our souls..."
The Professor
"...Ironically, sometimes the correct path is the tortured one..."
"...When you live in the land of death, sometimes your mind and soul get lost on the way home..."
The Professor
"...In our characters and our stories, the embodiment of the gift of our faults, lie our inner superheroes with their superpowers and, consequently, the battle that rages in all of us. Yet, we're the lucky ones; we're still alive..."
The Professor
"...We are all fallen, flawed and fallible. We all have our demons. We all put our pants on one leg at a time. Most sit down to shit and we all have gangster proclivities. No one is better than anyone else for everybody has some shit going on and the ground is level at the foot of the cross. We are all trying to get home the best fucking way we know how..."
"...'Transformational Spirituality' is not seizing some moral high ground. It is the capacity to lead out of darkness with authenticity and lived truth..."
The Professor
"...An empowering step in transformation is when we stop placing expectations on other people, places and things and instead place them on our inner characters..."
The Professor
"...Until we find our characters, we ain’t telling our true story..."
"...Transformation is coming to accept, appreciate, and even love your inner characters and where they have carried the man or woman in the mirror despite your past..."
The Professor
"...Yea, the light is cool but some of the best shit that adds meaning and value to our stories, and our characters, goes down in the dark..."

Tales from the Wreckage Series Book 1

Tales from the Wreckage: The Beginning

e-book of Tales from the Wreckage

See the Cast of Characters in a way you've never seen them before! Beautifully illustrated with original art in the style of New Urban Graffiti, this work invites readers on journey from shame and addiction to an expanding concept of becoming more fully human and beautiful.


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