Wrecked America is a multisided media platform that merges transformation and entertainment to promote finding the way back from extreme obstacles and addiction thru storytelling. Our mission is Storytelling and Activism through Collaborative Partnerships. We believe that Media has the power to shape the world and, through our collective efforts, we hope to inspire the next generation in media to tell the story of how no obstacle is too difficult to overcome.


Our goal is to create a transmedia narrative that highlights perseverance and hope in the face of addiction and extreme obstacles. Our stories are told through media, literary and musical content that highlight individuals and talented artists of various genres who have overcome extreme obstacles in pursuit of their dreams. All beautifully illustrated with original art in the style of New Urban Graffiti (NUG), we invite audiences on a journey from shame and addiction to an expanding concept of becoming more fully human and beautiful.


The Hunter Wrecked America Podcast takes our audience inside the private rooms of addiction and recovery, where BadAss Storytellers share stories of finding their way back from the darkest times of their lives. We hope this podcast serves as a virtual storytelling group where listeners can gain insight and strength from the transformational and entertaining stories of addiction survivors. We call this New Urban Graffiti Entertainment (NUG€). Open narrative platform stories will involve themes of activism inspired by a cast of characters from the stories told on this Addiction Storytelling Podcast. We support Addiction Storytelling thru media, literary and musical content by raising awareness and eliminating the stigma surrounding addiction in hopes that more people will seek help and experience transformation. This is moving self to move the world.


We seek to collaborate with individuals and entities looking to make a difference in their communities by helping people in general and young people in particular reach their goals, combat cycles of addiction and negativity and create positive cycles of hope, strength and inspiration.

Target Audience

Individuals and talented artists of various walks of life and genres who have overcome addiction and extreme obstacles in pursuit of their dreams in the Houston Area.

Wrecked America Media and Storytelling Menu of Services

  1. Wrecked America Media Content, featuring you, your company, and/or your products as presented by you, plays on our portfolio platforms and your websites;
  2. Media Content focused on you and your business, can be developed onsite to tell your Story in support of the Wrecked America Story; uses our spokespeople, plays on your website and on our portfolio platforms;
  3. Media Content developed under #2. This level includes technical support to deploy your content to in-house TV screens and other private displays for viewing by your customers, clients, and visitors. 

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