Hello ya’ll I’m Yalie, I have a comedy platform and I’m looking for new undiscovered comedians to headline my Comedy from the Edge Showcase. I seek comedians who are finding the way back from extreme obstacles and addiction thru comedy. How do you get on the show you might ask?  Follow Wrecked America on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and be sure to catch my weekly Wednesday podcast where I read your jokes on the air to see if you funny.

The next step is to come on my podcast and give us some of those perfectly timed jokes in your own voice.  From there you can land a regular spot on my Comedy from the Edge Podcast. Audience members who make this journey will also be given the opportunity to have a Wrecked America Podcast and Character made in their image and a whole marketing campaign designed to promote that character.  My boss Esteban calls that a MFP (Marketable Franchise Property). Hell, that’s what I am and how I got here.  When your Character is born in Wrecked America what will your show be about?


Sup family? I’m X, the host of Real Talk Music Podcast and the owner of Straight Out Productions, a record label inside of Wrecked America. I’m looking for the hottest unsigned artists finding the way back from extreme obstacles and addiction thru music to be featured in our Wrecked America content across the web as well as drop an album on the Straight Out Productions record label.

I supply the beats, the recording facility, the promotions and distribution and you supply the bars to elevate your status as a musician.  If you jamming and looking for a way to let the world know…you found the place.


Hello, I’m The Professor, and by now you can see that each of our Wrecked America hosts specialize in a particular area of art and entertainment. We all promote storytelling through media, literary and musical content that highlight individuals and talented artists of various genres who have overcome extreme obstacles in pursuit of their dreams. I’m no different. My weekly podcast “The Classroom” rolls out every Thursday at noon on WreckedAmerica.com.  My call goes out to all the Poets and Spoken Word Artists to share their talents on my podcast. The best of the best will be selected to perform on my exclusive Drop the Mic Poetry Podcast and land their own Wrecked America Podcast.  

My mission is to spread truth and to embolden a younger generation to transform this world in to a place where hope springs eternal. Like you heard earlier, you too can be a Podcast Host in Wrecked America. Like, Follow and Submit your work to begin your journey!


I don’t know why they stuck me down here near the bottom but I’m the Hunter. I’m an ex-bounty hunter who now hunts the most interesting stories of survival ever recorded. I’m talking some real harrowing experiences that could’ve turned out much much worse.  My show is different from the ones above because I go In These Rooms of recovery and give people the chance to share their stories in their own words on my BadAss Talks Podcast. As usual, the names and identity are concealed to protect the guilty. I do it for two reasons.  First to see if they bullshittin or coming with real talk about the journey back from extreme obstacles and addiction in pursuit of their dreams and second to see if they’re ready to host their own Wrecked America Podcast with a script and a Hollywood budget. I know that real life is stranger than fiction, that’s why I know the next great story and Wrecked America Character is out there lying dormant in the mind of the masses.

Fr. Esteban

Hold on with this Hollywood budget shit. We definitely want the best stories to animate and create content around, but all final decisions go through me, Fr. Esteban the head nigga in charge.

Welcome to Wrecked America

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