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TDFS: Season 2 Episode 15

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TDFS: Season 2 Episode 3

TDFS: Season 2 Episode 2

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TDFS: Season 1 Episode 14

TDFS: Season 1 Episode 13

TDFS: Season 1 Episode 12

TDFS: Season 1 Episode 11

TDFS: Season 1 Episode 10

TDFS: Season 1 Episode 9

TDFS: Season 1 Episode 8

TDFS: Season 1 Episode 7

TDFS: Season 1 Episode 6

TDFS: Season 1 Episode 5

TDFS: Season 1 Episode 4

TDFS: Season 1 Episode 3

TDFS: Season 1 Episode 2

TDFS: Season 1 Episode 1


BADASS TALKS hosted by the hunter

Hunter Interviews

The Hunter Interviews are the Backstories of Latent Powerful Characters found in 12 Step Recovery Rooms. Listen as these characters come to life and share stories of how they navigate this thing called life and tackle their everyday issues and struggles. Listen as they pursue ‘In-Spite-of-Dreams’ and seek to transform themselves and move the world with the heroic stories they live and tell. This is Wrecked America. This is where these characters throw off the shackles of seeing themselves as bad people trying to become good or sick people trying to get well. This is where they Embrace the Gift of their Faults, and the gift of having been branded misfits, outcasts and outlaws. Here they boldly proclaim to the world, "We are Better for Having Been Broken BadAsses!"

New episodes posted every Thursday!

Tales from the wreckage

X - Bars Over Bulls*t
Happy HourHappy Hour

X - Yo Favorite DJ

X - Get in the Game

X - Who Hot??

Professor - Not A Dime

Professor - Beyond the Judgements

Professor - Breakthroughs

Professor - Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere

Yalie - Happy Hour
Happy HourHappy Hour

Yalie - Man...Hold Up

Yalie - Ugh

Yalie - The Day Is Finally Here!

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