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How will my content be used?
Submitted content will be published on for educational & entertainment purposes.
Will I be paid for my content?
No. We do not provide any monetary compensation.Generally, we provide promotions and publicity as means of fair exchange. All other opportunities are explored on a case by case basis.
I would like to share my story, but remain anonymous. Is that possible?
Definitely. Please let us know if you would like to keep your identity hidden.
Can I let people know my content was featured?
Of course! We post on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Feel free to let the world know you have been featured.
How do I learn more about becoming a corporate sponsor?
You can send an inquiry on our contact page to reach out for more information.
What is Premium Content?
Premium Content takes you deeper into Wrecked America Storytelling. For just $4.99 a month, you will get exclusive access to podcasts, blog posts and discount deals only available to premium members.
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