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45-year-old University Professor and Spoken Word Poet. I, like MLK, believe injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

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in spite of the bullshit of Western culture and religion, is the creation of a World open to the power of self-expression and self-determination.
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Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere

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Remembering WHY

I spent years denying and running from the fact that I felt low self-esteem. I felt inadequate about my academic preparation, training and credentials. In Remembering WHY, I found how that experience and those feelings are part of my reality, my life and story but they are not me. They do not have to define me and I can use overcoming these experiences and feelings to be of benefit to others struggling with the same challenges, difficulties and conflicts. This realization has transformed my life and helped me understand the power of Remembering WHY.

Real Time

Time can be a major antagonist in my world. Time can be fleeting. Time can be a precious rare commodity. There are times when I never have enough time. I have a running confrontation with time. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I am indifferent towards time. However, I am constantly reminded of time's presence in my life, good or bad. I need time and life is rather good when I appreciate time. Time and I have our moments. Sometimes time and I drive each other crazy but time is something I can’t do without. I try hard to respect, appreciate and not waste time. This is simple but it is not easy.

The Coolest Part

The Coolest Part of coming in here is finding a Higher Power and having both my mind and heart set free. I found the strength to be and become the change I want to see and become in here. The Coolest Part of coming in here is I am greater today than I ever was before. I am better today than I was in the past. I have found and understand my purpose. This is The Coolest Part.

Just My Story

I know the power of transformation is in the power I possess to step out of the story I use to tell. I have a different story I can tell today that is not solely based on the past. This story is not limited to the present. I call this story the future. It’s the story of yes my experience and strength but also my hope. It’s the story of learning beyond anything I thought possible to trust in my Higher Power and clean my own house and side of the street. It’s my story of learning the power in helping others. I thank my Higher Power that story is no longer about Just My Story. I understand today it’s about His Story.


I have something today I never dreamed I would have. I have a joy and hope about people, life and living. I live by turning my life over to God and trusting in God to use my life, my living and even my story to help others and make of this world a better place. I live by seeking his will and the power to carry it out. I live by learning to trust. I am learning to trust God more and more and share my authentic lived truth, believing He can make of it good for His purposes. I am live thru my willingness to be radically vulnerable about my life and living. This is living for me.

Gift of Desperation

The gift of being driven and desperate to achieve academically motivated me to make more of myself than circumstances circumscribed. Desperation helped me to run thru the walls of victimization. The gift of desperation got me out of just being who I was to become who I wanted to be. More importantly, the Gift of Desperation has helped me become the man, the intellectual and the human being God wants me to become. I found in my desperation a gift and a joy the world did not give me and the world could never take away. I thank my God I found this Gift of Desperation.

Leaving Behind

I didn’t get where I am today without learning the value and importance of Leaving Behind. I had to Leave Behind the family and friends of the community of my origins to pursue my academic dreams and aspirations. I have an advanced degree and an Ivy League Education today because I was willing and able to Leave Behind.

The Inside Job

The Inside Job is a powerful concept in the scope of transformation. The Inside Job is about addressing the man or woman in the mirror. I believe this work is essential to our being and becoming the children of God He created us to be and become. I understand this experience. I understand how doing this work has made a difference in my life. I understand how God has been doing for me a long time more than I can do for myself. I believe this primary understanding is why The Inside Job is an important concept to my transformation. I believe trusting in God is in all my affairs is how I overcome The Inside Job.

Promises Promises

Promises. Promises. I’ve learned putting Him first is key to their materialization. That might seem like a contradiction but my Higher Power is everything or nothing this includes the material aspects of life. The promises in and thru Him can also be found in all things, the material and the spiritual, the good and the bad. God is all and in all.

In The Mirror

In The Mirror, I see hope and possibilities. In The Mirror, I see how blessed I am. Yes, my life has challenges, difficulties and conflicts. I am human and this is all a part of the human condition. This includes me. In The Mirror, I see who I am not just in my eyes but more importantly in God’s Eyes. In The Mirror, I see I have more than just a default future based on the past. In The Mirror, I see I have a powerful future. In The Mirror, I see a future that can be a way of living and a way of life if I keep my hand in God’s Hand. I see all this In The Mirror.

I Can’t Do This

I cannot be an intellectual and have compassion. I thought this way for a long time. I thought this way until I realized I can do all things through my Higher Power. Today I can and do. I think is because I have done and I am doing the work of seeking to become all He would have me be and become.

The Past

The good news is if we can find the capacity to value the memories of the past, they can be the glue that keeps us going, struggling and moving thru difficult times and situations. Unresolved, and without work, the past is prologue and we are not able to move forward. We are doomed to repeat what we do not complete, as said by the legendary attorney, Johnnie Cochran. Finding value in the valleys of the past, can however be how we keep moving forward. This can be how we help and serve others and learn to walk forward with purpose.

Bucket List

My Bucket List is why I want to wake up in the morning. My Bucket List is what I want to feel good about when I lay my head down at night. My Bucket List is my legacy. My Bucket List is what it meant for me to be on this earth. I cherish my Bucket List and what it means I did with a life of opportunities to make a difference and be of service to others. Thank God for Bucket Lists. I shudder to think where I would be and the world would be without them.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year. May you be in 2022 all the Creator created you to be, may you do all the Creator created you to do and may you have all the Creator created you to have. We have the power to move the world by first moving ourselves. May we all find in 2022 the joy, love, peace and happiness of moving self to move the world. Be blessed. You are a blessin.


Merry Christmas. Christmas means empowering transformation. Christmas means all life and humanity are new again. Christmas is the ultimate symbol of a power greater than Man to make something great of Man. Christmas is love, peace, hope, and joy. Christmas is the story of God’s breaking into human affairs to do and be for humanity what we have not done nor been able to do for ourselves. Christmas is such a powerful symbol because it speaks to a love, peace hope and joy we can celebrate in knowing we are not alone in this universe. There is a power greater than us that has come to reside with us and in us. Behold, this power truly makes All Things New. This is Christmas.

The Covering

Finishing college Summa Cum Laude and acquiring a Master of Divinity Degree from Yale, I feel I have the credentials and pedigree to go anywhere in the world and become whatever I wish to become. My academic credentials are certainly a form of covering for me. More importantly, I believe my understanding of the ways of a Higher Power and commitment to make of this world a better place is the greater covering in which I place my faith and knowledge of what it is necessary for truth telling and witness bearing.

Remembering When II

I think the practice of determining what matters from the most empowering perspective is one of my greatest character assets. I call this the practice of seeing the class as half until it is proven otherwise. Is this an overly optimistic approach to life? I think not. I consider it highly intelligent and logical to error in my calculations on life and what matters on the side of that which is of and has the greatest upside. I choose to live life on life’s terms with the with the best opportunity to maximize every possibility to be the most successful. Seeing life the other way, I think this too is a 50-50 proposition. I conclude then I will push my proverbial life chips to the middle of table every time and anticipate, expect and of course hope for the most empowering and powerful out humanly possible. I think this is the best way to live my life, remember what matters in life and most importantly share and tell my story.

Remembering When

There’s no logical step to Remembering when life opens unto us a new level of thinking. I believe Remembering When takes storytelling and storytelling takes characters. If we’re in denial of our inner characters, we are not likely to get to the Remembering When level of consciousness. I Remember When to overcome the dark periods in the past. I Remember When as an exercise of gratitude. This is part of my story I am grateful I can claim as my reality and my truth. I Remember When that was not my truth.

The Haunting

The Haunting is very real part of human experience. We all have baggage we carry from our past. I believe we all carry the experiences of fear, grief, shame, remorse and regrets about our past. This is part of the human condition; this is part of the human struggle we call life. I know personally The Haunting is situation that can be overcome. We were not made to be passive victims to our past. I have struggled to overcome issues with matters arising from my family of origin to problems I address daily caused by people, places and things. I have come to the realization that the Presence of a Higher Power in my life is greater than all these issues, situations, condition’s problems or experiences brought on by the past. I have found in This Presence the strength to face, confront and, with this Presence, be authentic about the struggles, trusting as to the source of my hope, grace and the courage to be vulnerable about the past. I know The Haunting but I am thankful I also know The Presence.

Expecting A Miracle

In placing expectations on our inner characters instead of other people, places and things, we affirm we are good with how God has made us. When we place expectations on our inner characters, we also stop making others the heroes of our lives and the heroes of our stories. I have found this to be fundamental to my transformation and more importantly to my fulfillment. I have learned to acknowledge the existence of my inner characters. This has not come easy but it has challenged me to strive to be my best self not only inwardly but outwardly as well. This is a process as well as journey. I believe if I remain committed to this process, I will experience the very best this journey has to offer for me and others. This is the Miracle I am Expecting.

My Own Skin

My Own Skin is the world of my thoughts, ideas and aspirations. My Own Skin is about truth telling and witness bearing. My Own Skin is using the God-given power of my mind to envision a better life for myself and a more powerful and beautiful world for others. My Own Skin is refusing to passively accept the truth of others. My Own Skin is having the intellectual and moral courage to find my own truths. My Own Skin is the hard work of not just accepting life on life’s terms. That is not living; that is existing. My Own Skin is refusing to accept this as all my Higher Power wants for me. My Own Skin is finding something in my life worth living and, if necessary, dying for. This is when I am truly set free to practice truth telling and witness bearing. This is when I am set free to make of this world a better place for myself and different place for others. This is life in My Own Skin.


Forgiveness is a great gift of life. Forgiveness is something wonderful to receive and wonderful to give away. I look on my academic success and think of forgiveness. How does a high school reject go on to graduate from an Ivy League University? Forgiveness. How do I find the capacity to love and appreciate people who don’t look like me, are not educated like me, don’t think like me and maybe don’t even like me? Forgiveness. I place a lot of emphasis on the power of the mind and the importance of intellectual pursuits. Achievements in this area might not have anything to do with forgiveness for most. This occurs differently to me. I believe Forgiveness is a mental health process. I believe Forgiveness is a mental and creative process that is a beautiful flower that blossoms from experience and imagining a better life for oneself, and sometimes others, more than a life filled with anger, bitterness, resentments, shame, hatred and possibly despair. I believe Forgiveness is a great feeling but I believe it can, and often does for me, begin creatively in my mind, memories and my imagining a different and better life for myself and I hope others.

My Shadow

The subject of the Shadow is a very deep and interesting subject. My Shadow is the part of me I am learning to love, forgive and push to be better. I view My Shadow as my being, giving and doing less than my best. There is often something disruptive and disconcerting about My Shadow. I have tried over the course of my academic career to move beyond, correct and redirect My Shadow. I have found this challenging at best and sometimes an exercise in futility. My Shadow has not responded well to being placed on time outs (laugh). I see My Shadow is like a muscle. I have developed the muscle of My Shadow over time. This muscle is a source of power and strength. This is power and strength I believe I will spend the rest of my life learning to channel and move in positive, uplifting and empowering directions. This is life, this is developing this powerful muscle and resource. This is My Shadow.


In placing Expectations on our inner characters instead of other people, places and things, we affirm we are good with how God has made us. When we place Expectations on our inner characters, we also stop making others the heroes of our lives and making them the heroes of our stories. This is why writing is so important to the development of our inner characters.

“...Until the Lion learns to write, we will always glorify the hunter…” —African Proverb

Writing is important to reducing our Expectations of ourselves and others. Writing as charging rent is empowering the Lions of our inner Characters to stop glorying the hunters, especially those in our heads. This is fundamental to our Expectations and our Transformation.

Psychic Change

Psychic Change is seeing the world and people thru a different set of glasses, a better set and a more beautiful set. Psychic Change is choosing to see the world and people not as they are but as God would have them, wants them to be and created them to be. I do not do this perfectly. I do not think any of us do. Psychic Charge is not something that happened or happens to us. Psychic Change is something that is happening to us and in us when we are being who God created us to be, doing what God wants us to do to make of this a better world and, when we allow His Grace and Mercy to make of our feeble efforts miraculous and wonderful changes that are seemingly greater than anything we could ask or imagine.

Cursing the Darkness

Placing expectations on other people, places and things instead of placing them on our inner characters is Cursing the Darkness. I spent years under achieving and looking at myself thru the lens of others instead of being the best I could be. I was Cursing the Darkness. I looked at what others were doing and achieving academically and lamented the head start they had in life while using this as an excuse for my fears and my sense of inferiority. I was Cursing the Darkness. I tried living according to way I thought other people saw me. I come from a community who live every day in America according to the way others see us. That is, people who are at best indifferent to our health and wellbeing. I see all this now as Cursing the Darkness.

My Ego

In college, I went from being a C and D Student in my freshman year to receiving no less than an A- after the first semester of my sophomore year and I finished Magna Cum Laude. I went on to receive my Master’s Degree. My Ego drove me to academic achievements and intellectual heights beyond my wildest dreams. This comes from the kid who is the son of academics but who barely graduated high school and had no greater ambition following high school than graduating and moving to California from Kalamazoo, MI to live on the beach. My Ego has been my Amigo. My Ego got me up off the mat of life and pushed me to make something of myself. It’s given me the tenacity and intestinal fortitude to keep pushing and moving forward despite the obstacles in my way.

Hot Topics

There are two subjects that are most prominent in the news these days: the COVID-19 Vaccine for marginalized communities and/or communities of color and the voter suppression measures adopted by states across the land. I want to address both topics as the subject of this blog.

First, the COVID-19 Vaccine in marginalized communities and communities of color. We currently hear a great deal in the press and media about the need to enlist 'Trusted Messengers' to help get these communities to get over their vaccine hesitancy. There are a few questions that are not usually raised as part of these discussions: Why should Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson be enriched off the backs of vaccinating these communities because of this pandemic? If individuals in these communities need to be vaccinated, why not incentivize them with compensation for getting vaccinated? Pay them. Or, why not establish trust funds to economically benefit these communities collectively for their willingness to get vaccinated? Why should these multinational drug companies be the only ones enriched because of this global pandemic? Why don't the individuals who have to roll up their sleeves and literally take one in the arm for our collective good also get to collectively benefit financially like the multinational drug companies?

Second, the voter suppression measures adopted by republican led state legislatures in states across the land. These actions are generally understood to be undemocratic and legally dubious. Perhaps the courts, what some consider to be the third leg of the stool of democracy, will intervene and overturn or strike down these repugnant measures. That action remains to be seen.

We have been here before and previously seen and read this story. We collectively have the scars to prove it. This is 2021 and to quote the Poet Laureate Maya Angelou "...when someone shows you who they are, believe them..." We know who the people are who have committed these racist, repugnant and regressive acts. We know who they are. The question is who are we?

We have been here before. Have we learned any lessons? Are we any smarter, stronger or adept at what we should and must do next? It is said “...Insanity is doing the same over and over and expecting a different result...” Are we people who are willing to do the right thing and make sacrifices in the best interest of our children's grandchildren? In every state in which these in undemocratic measures were enacted, there are large companies if not multinational corporations. Are we willing to boycott them and instead patronize and invest in businesses that support our communities and embrace individually and corporately the activism of moving self to move the world? More to come on this subject.

We are the communities and consumers who provide the patronage that make their business models work. This is capitalism not rocket science. Money and economics keep the trains running and this system moving.


We know what time it is and we know what needs to be done. In the words of one of my favorite films The Godfather, it’s time to “...go to the mattresses...” In 2021, we have been presented with a tremendous opportunity by people with serious gangster proclivities, the politicians and state legislatures. What are we going to do about it? Do we have the courage, the wisdom of our experience, strengths and hope, and the righteous indignation of our Ancestors, to stand?


“...I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees...” —X

The Struggle Continues...

Say it Louder: We Believe in Losers and Suckers

The media and news are saying a great deal these days about Donald Trump’s alleged use of the terms losers and suckers in referring to women and men who serve in the US Military.  Trump has of course vehemently denied this. Right.

I have been quoted here and other places for saying Trump is as American as Cherry Pie. I believe this but realize it can be sloganish. So, let us see. Do the rest of us believe women and men who serve in the US Military are losers and suckers? "...Of course, not..." we are quick to say. But let us look a little deeper.

People say a lot of things. People have a lot of fine sounding words. Actions speak louder than words.

Do we have leaders and members of the political class in this country who are willing to commit themselves or a member of their family to fight in any armed conflict to defend this country before getting us involved in a conflict or the conscription of others to fight in such a conflict? Are we as citizens of this country willing to commit ourselves or a member of our family to fight in any armed conflict to defend this country if we support such a conflict or the conscription of others to fight in such a conflict?

If the answer to either of these questions is no, then I contend that yes, we, like Donald Trump, do believe the terms “losers and suckers” apply when referring to women and men who serve in the US Military. Moreover, I would argue if we cannot apply the same standard of "...what's good for the goose is good for the gander..." to our beliefs about this matter, then we actually believe we owe little to those who have made sacrifices, sometimes the ultimate sacrifice, for our liberties and freedoms.

I argue we should Say it Louder. We, like Trump, believe those who make sacrifices, and certainly make the ultimate sacrifice, to defend our liberties and freedoms are Losers and Suckers. Like I said, as American as Cherry Pie!

The Smart Dudes

In response to my last blog post, a colleague from the West Indies shared the following statement regarding his experience of Western Colonialism and modern Eurocentric Enslavement:

...I grew up in the West Indies, and got introduced to modern day enslavement when I popped out of the womb! It wasn’t called enslavement back in those days, it was called imperialism (post-Colonial Colonialism) !! It’s alive and well all over the Third World!! And, it’s nearly impossible to block out its calls out of our heads...Until some smart dude (like Satoshi Nakamoto) creates an alternative system of barter & wealth transfer, we will all be de facto slaves of the contemporary systems (banks, NBA, NFL, jobs, etc.) that continue to enslave us...

While I am appreciative of my colleague's willingness to weigh in here, I am not persuaded by his conclusion of the matter. Some 'smart dude' and alternative bartering system notwithstanding, this will not eradicate the years and even centuries of self-hating niggerization internalized by peoples of color under the dominant Eurocentric Western Culture. One of my Heroes and Ancestors, the renowned Freedom Fighter and Anti-Slavery Abolitionist, Harriet Tubman, once stated

...I led a thousand of my people from slavery to freedom and would have led a thousand more if they only knew they were slaves...

Smart dudes and alternative bartering systems are welcomed and necessary agents to correct the systemic challenges presented by Enslavement 2019 Style. They are however insufficient on their face to correct the wounds, hurts, scars, and damage to the conscience of people who have suffered under the brutality of this Eurocentric and racist system for these many years. This work is the heavy lifting and game-changing work of creating a social, cultural and psychological paradigm shift. This work won't happen over night nor will it be accomplished by a few lone actors, their best intentions to the contrary. But, we gotta start somewhere, so bring on the smart dudes and alternative bartering systems. We'll take that as a positive chink in the armor of Enslavement 2019 Style. Thanks for the post response and your input here!!

Enslavement 2019 Style

I said Enslavement not Slavery. The term Enslavement suggest another party is complicit in the act of the slavery. In 2019, the major complicit parties of modern day enslavement are the media and the lingering voices that modern media leaves roaming around in our heads.

Take for example, the decision of National Basketball Association (NBA) Star Kevin Durant to return from a serious injury early to play in the most recent NBA Finals. Durant's decision proved to be a major mistake as he lasted less than half a game before re-injuring the same leg with an injury that will this time cost him untold dollars and his ability to play all if not most of next season.

Media and the Voices of the media that got inside Durant's Heads were the Voices Enslavement 2019 Style. These were voices that questioned Durant toughness, his commitment to the team and his teammates and whether he, Durant, had the Heart of Champion or was just in it for himself and, of course, for the money.

Some Voices Durant should have but didn't listen to were the Voices that said "...I ain't no damn Slave...You've got your pound of flesh from Me...Got no more for you Warriors, Media, Fans...When is a Blackman in this world done being somebody's damn slave...I'm Out...Yea, I'm gettin my got damn money and fuck it; I'll see ya’ll next season..."

Those are some of the Voices Durant should have listened to in deciding whether to return so soon from his injury. Those Voices could have saved him some real heart ache and pain right about now. They could have saved him a boat load of money going forward and from sustaining what may prove to be a career altering injury.

When the Old Slave Master use to get sick, the good slave would say "...what's a Matter Boss, we sick..." Listening to the modern media and the lingering Voices that cause us to look out for everyone but Number One is just Enslavement 2019 Style. The questions for us are: what are Voices roaming around in our heads and what Voices are we also listening too?

Not A Dime

There is not a dimes worth of difference between the major two political parties in America, the Democratic and the Republican parties respectively. Wy do I say that and how did I arrive at such a conclusion?

Allow a brief but relevant digression. The Greatest Heavyweight Champion to ever live, Muhammad Ali, once remarked his opposition to fighting in the American War against the Vietnamese People was the fact “…the Vietnamese People never did anything to me, they never called me a Nigger…” Well, I want to flip that thinking on its head and say both Democrats and Republicans have done, and continue to this day, to do a lot that is detrimental to African-Americans and Peoples of Color in this Country.

Over the 45 years of my time on this good earth, both Democrats and Republican have hurled racial and racist epithets at me to crush my spirit and wound my soul. As I have progressed in the professional ranks, both Democrats and Republicans have passed over me and people who look like me while advancing the careers of less qualified persons who look like them all while espousing beliefs in diversity and equal opportunities. As I have sought access to financing in the capital markets to advance entrepreneurial endeavors, both Democrats and Republicans have turned down my funding request while investing in and supporting more risky ventures of persons who look like them in the name of objective risk reward ratios.

Grand party statements of equality and lauded progressive policy platforms notwithstanding, 45 years of personal experience on this good earth have taught this brother that when the rubber hits the road and where it matters most there ain't a dimes worth of difference between Democrats and Republicans. They both can be counted on to do three things: 1) Look out for their own self-interest; 2) Take care of their own; and 3) See one color above all others--Green. Those three things my friends equal one dime you can take to the bank!!


…What passes in the West as so-called religion or tenets of faith is civilized hypocrisy hanging out with people in categorical denial about the very mask they wear…” - The Professor

For much of my childhood, I accepted being called Nigger so much I thought it was my middle name. When I coined the term ‘Niggerization’ to mean being made to feel less than and/or being less than authentically human, I took the step of throwing off years of feeling inferior and playing the victim card--One small step for personal freedom; one major move for De-Niggerization.

Transformation is your God-given Right. Take control of it!!


Donald Trump isn't an aberration. Trump is as American as cherry pie. I've been on this earth for 45 years and I've been dealing with the Trump's of America since I jumped from the womb.

I grew up in the Jim Crow Esq of the North where the little Trump's of my neighborhood where as racists towards me as Trump was towards people of color living in his properties back in the 70s and 80's. I played sports with little Trump's in high school whose parents were as opposed to me coming into their homes as Trump was to the Central Park Five and I was just as innocent of everything but their racists and bigoted stereotypes as where the Central Park Five of everything but Trump's racism and xenophobia. I dealt with the pseudo intellectual Trump's of America as I defended my Masters Thesis and came up against the same bankrupt, immoral and intellectual equivalence arguments concerning theological positions as Trump expressed about the indefensible, immoral and racists actions of those deplorable and reprehensible White Supremacist in Charlottesville last Year.

To those who argue the Trump Presidency is an aberration, I say BS. America has proved itself capable of electing a Trump once and I have seen enough in the past 45 years to know that American can and will probably due it again. The only question for America in the future is do you want your Trump Cherry Pie with or without the ice cream of denial?



In the end you'll still be you

One that's done all the things you set out to do


There's a cross for you to bear

Things to go through if you're going anywhere


For the things you know are right

It's the truth that the truth makes them so uptight


All the things you want are real

You have you to complete and there is no deal

You've been sitting much too long

There's a permanent crease in your right and wrong


There's a midget standing tall

And a giant beside him about to fall

They will try to make you crawl

And they know what you're saying makes sense and all


Don't you know that you are free

Well at least in your mind if you want to be


Stand! Stand!

- Sly Stone

What is the Wrecked America Perspective on Western Culture in general and the wider American Community in particular? Cultures come and Cultures go. Western Civilization has not cornered the market on Unjust, UnGodly and Inhumane Practices and Conditions. It's fate, like those before it, will rise or fall on the empowering mythologies and stories it teaches its People.

Wrecked America is a Battle for the Soul of America. Wrecked America is about allowing suffering to speak and throwing off all attempts of the system to 'Nigerize' our Voices with its narrowing definition of what it means to be human. Do you have what it takes to tell your story? Where will you be standing when the deal goes down?

…Wrecked America is the recognition the American Empire has No Gold. Wrecked America is about pulling the covers off an impotent, idolatrous and gangster world order…” - The Professor

The Past

We wear the mask that grins and lies,

It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes, —

This debt we pay to human guile;

With torn and bleeding hearts we smile,

And mouth with myriad subtleties.

Why should the world be over-wise?

In counting all our tears and sighs?

Nay, let them only see us, while

      We wear the mask.

We smile, but, O great Christ, our cries

To thee from tortured souls arise.

We sing, but oh the clay is vile

Beneath our feet, and long the mile;

But let the world dream otherwise,

      We wear the mask!

- By Paul Lawrence Dunbar

We all have a past. There is a past to everybody’s Story. When we embrace the secret gift of our faults, we give Voice to our past. This Voice is the pain we have carried inside us for years without getting help. Naming this Voice and telling its story is giving Voice to our pain. This is not just a personal battle or struggle but part of the De-Niggerization of what it means to be authentically human.

…The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes…” - Marcel Proust

Beyond the Judgments

…Past is not Prologue. The absence of any grand narrative and heroic struggle is enslavement…” - The Professor

Transformation is taking control of your story to take control of your life. Transformation is finding laughter in your story to find the power to transform your life and the World. Transformation is recognition of the scars, wounds and bruises of life as indicative of how far we have come and growth on the Journey of Life.

Transformation can empower us to move beyond the judgments of our own social, cultural, sexual, psychological, gender and archetypal differences of inner woundedness and become Wounded Healers most capable of caring for the marginalized:

1) the least, the lost and the lonely 2) the so-called Wretched of the Earth and 3) the Disinherited. Transformation is an Internal Storytelling Dialogue and an Empowering Heroic Conversation with Oneself.

Transformation is your God-given Right. Take control of it!!


A “Breakthrough” is something unpredictable and unprecedented that produces remembrance, recognition and an emptying of current patterns of thought, heart and behavior. Those patterns of thought, heart and behavior—that recognize and reflect one’s remembered, and true identity, values, dreams and aspirations—can emerge. Follow my podcast on Thursdays. Wrecked America, your next Breakthrough could be around the corner.


What matters most in Wrecked America is that you’re still standing. Don’t let the American Victimization Stories or the stereotypical weapons of Mass Distraction get the best of you. You my people are better than that. Wrecked America is a disruptive and heroic movement designed to empower the struggling and expose the elite .

If you seek neither acceptance nor approval but the power to determine your own destiny, Wrecked America Storytelling is for you. Don’t take any the shit of your past too seriously. This is Wrecked America; where we don’t accept our destiny…we create it!

Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere

Good morning students. Please don’t be offended by the terminology, we are all students because learning is synonymous with living.  So, if you’re breathing at this very moment, you are currently enrolled in the class of Life. I’m the Professor, but don’t get it confused, like you I’m also a student.  My goal is to bring light where darkness reigns supreme. 

I invite you to my classroom every Thursday at noon on, where I dig through media headlines to expose the hypocrisy, lies, deceit, and misinformation spewed by mainstream media. I tear down news articles to find the truth hidden behind the ink.  As a poet myself, I’m always interested in finding undiscovered talent. I created a segment on my podcast called The Spoken Word where I encourage our audience to send in their poetry to be read on the show in Wrecked America. 

If the poetry moves you, let us know by posting your comments on our Instagram page with hashtag The Spoken Word. If your poetry gains a favorable response from our Wrecked America audience, I’ll invite you to perform live on the show and possibly perform live on stage at my Drop the Mic Spoken Word Poetry Night in Houston, Texas.

Send your poems to and see if you got what it takes to be a Master of the Spoken Word in Wrecked America.

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