The Day is Finally Here!

Hey ya’ll, welcome to my slice of heaven here on Wrecked America. Every Wednesday at noon my podcast will be available on under the comedy icon. I’ll be bringing you hilarious news stories that highlight the absurdity of modern culture and I’ll provide a platform where my funny people can get their joke on. This really isn’t my show, it’s your show. I wanna hear your jokes, your stories and your thoughts on this crazy thing we call Life.

If you funny, we may invite you on the show to tell a few of your best jokes for our podcast audience. If you’re really, really funny I’ll invite you to perform live at my “Comedy from the Edge Showcase” live on stage here in Houston, Texas. Do you have what it takes to be the next great comedian? This could be your big start!  And it all starts with one joke.  Send your jokes to be read on the show to

For info about the Comedy from the Edge Showcase or just to chat with ya girl, hit me up at  Don’t forget to like Wrecked America on Facebook and follow us on Instagram for info about the show and to stay up-to-date with everything going down in Wrecked America. Ok, I’ve talked enough, my drink is melting and I can’t stand no watered-down margarita!  See you every Wednesday!

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