A Dispute

I'm in a damn dispute with a vendor over money owed for services rendered. They don't fuckin get I don't negotiate. I'm workin with a weak ass subcontractor who wants to buckle under to pressure we're gettin from this asshole vendor. There's a good 100 thousand Gs at stake here.

I ain't givin them a damn penny more than we billed the client for the job. I told the Sub if I have to come out in field to speak on this because his weak-kneed ass can't handle it that's exactly what I'm telling them and if they don't like it they can kiss my black ass. His ass insists he wants me to come out there and help settle the damn matter.

Ya'll stay tuned. See if the next word is from Esteban behind bars behind this bullshit. Damn, I was just gettin in the grove of playin this shit straight. Sons of bitches!!

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