The Deals Keep Coming

I received this lame damn offer to buyout a now bankrupt comedy spot here in H Town. When, the asshole running the damn joint was a live and kickin, he try to get greedy with the buyin numbers. Now he ain't got shit but rocks to kick and he’s in a fuckin mood to chop it up.

Brought in some other cats to hang wit on this deal. Wouldn't fucking listen to me. They didn't know shit like I fucking said but they took him for his damn money. Now he's all fuckin pissed off and playin that same old bullshit victim card.

Called me, so I went over there last weekend before they closed the doors. Walked in the joint, there sat at the front door a fuckin offerin box for donations to pay the damn staff there last check. Six months ago, he was takin in new investors. A month ago, he was talkin about openin another location.

Lyin Mother Fucker. Fuck it and him too. Next offer.

"...Great, lets get together like to see if you want to be a part of the business im still involved with...Very exciting We have all of our FDA approval and EPA approval. Looking for investment/investors from $150k to $2.2 million but we're going to be a billion dollar company,  will explain when it see you if you're interested..."

I may have been born yesterday but I stayed up all fuckin night. Do I look like some new kinda damn fool? You bring me some bullshit about some damn EPA and FDA approvals like I give a flyin fuck about that shit. Where them damn financials and the got damn business plan? Who else is involved and why the fuck would I mix my money with there shit. I don't know them mother fuckers or they damn people. They could be here today and in the wind tomorrow.

Damn, see the kinda shit mother fuckers be coming up with out here? Then, these assholes get smoked and mother fuckers ask stupid ass questions about what an the hell happened? Or, here they come with that bullshit "...What had happened was.." I ain't trying to hear none of that shit. Mother fucker want to do business with they better be coming correct. The real money talks. The rest of that shit is fucking pity pat and some nickel and dime bull shit damn chatter!!

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