The World Turns 2.0

Indictments handed down in largest College Academic Cheating Scandal. Nothing new here. It’s called the GREEN of Higher Education in America.

There’ll be a lotta hand wringing no doubt. But, this shit will continue unabated, business as usual. It’s the American Way—If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying.

Trying are the brothers and sisters of Color in America who are forced to trade the prime years of their athletic talents on the altar of amateur status for a piece of paper and a ticket to future draft lotteries. Cheating are hypocritical plantation academic institutions who pimp these young people out while they rake in billions in TV Revenue off the backs of their hard labor and then have the audacious mendacity to act like they are out raged cause of a few of their elite donors and they kids go rogue and break off some of dis cheating action for themselves. Give me a F'n break.

This so-called Biggest Academic College Cheating Scandal in History ain’t nothing, to quote my Man X, but “...the Chickens coming home to Roost...”  

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