Justice for All

Time to deliver on the promise of my Grand Vision.

...Breaking News: Fr. Esteban is running for President in 2020...”

My Platform: Criminal Justice Reform and Justice for All.

Justice is for sale in America and I can prove it. Look at my record and explain why I have never been sentenced to anything other than the fact that my black ass had money in my pocket to buy my way out of harms way. Elect Esteban President for Justice for all in America!

I say damn Kamila Harris, Eric Holder or any another Uncle Tom who would seek the votes of Black Men having spent a life time locking up Brothers and people of Color for the same crimes that white folk with money in their pockets, like I had, committed and got off scott-free. With Money in your pocket, you be free in America.

Vote for Fr. Esteban for President in 2020 for real Justice in America and a New World Order!

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