On Record

All this talk about me and my Gangster Proclivities. Hell, without me, there'd be no Fr. Kirk cause Steve Kirk would never have gotten out of Kalamazoo. I declared we're blowing this popsicle stand college or no damn college. West Coast here we come.

We know how to deal, and deal we will, drugs that is. Jobs, jobs come a dime a dozen. Hell, we came from the womb taking what we want and have never and will never let anything stand in the way, including family. Embezzlement from the family business was the move that funded our high school drug and criminal enterprises. And, where did Kirk's playin' sports and halfhearted attempts at studies back then get us? Nowhere.  Surprise. Hell no!!

LA, City of Angels, here we come. Time to find some new Kats to kick't wit. Shit, factory work and more half-hearted attempts at studying and the academics… This ain't what I was banking on. Nuf of this 9 to 5 shit. That's alright. I saw to it we have enough cheese banked for an exit tour stage south. Time to head south. Time for Jim Crow to get a taste of the Esteban (Lololol)

College, that was one of my greatest moves. After almost flunking out and that assault situation, I cut out with all the extracurricular action with the hunnies, man that shit hurt, so Kirk could finish strong, Magna Cum Laude, do his religious thing and get into Yale.

By the way, I got the damn money to get Kirk thru Yale including that Episcopal Church hustle with the year of studies abroad thrown in for good measure. When I run an institutional number, I know how to get us paid. Kirk may like hanging out with them bourgeois folks but I am about doors that open and gettin us paid and then on to the next hustle no matter what goes down. That be how we roll!

So many hustles over the years; not enough time to out-'em all. Damn, is Kirk here, does he have his health, have we done any time in the joint, have I not found a way to turn the shit, the mess, Kirk has been thru, into new hustles for getting us paid? Well?? Gangster Proclivities be damned. I been making the moves, this BS yaw call hurts, habits and hang ups, to keep him rolling and us getting paid for 29 years and got plenty more to make before I'm done. You doubt me, kiss my ass but watch me smoke'm!

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